1948 Selected Fables Illustrated by Calder

Illustration by Calder

Illustration by Alexander Calder in Jean de la Fontaine, Selected Fables, trans. Eunice Clark (New York: Quadrangle 1948), PQ1811.E3 C4 1968

Quadrangle Press was a short-lived, small-scale publishing house active in New York in the late 1940s which put out monographs on Miro, Tamayo, Pippin, and not much else. These illustrations for Quadrangle’s 1948 edition of Jean de la Fontaine’s 17th-century classic Selected Fables were done by Alexander Calder in a line art style evocative of his figurative metal wire sculptures. From “The Rat and the Elephant” to “The Horse and the Wolf,” these squiggly illustrations show off Calder’s more spontaneous, illustrative side.