Incidentes Melódicos del Mundo Irracional

Incidentes melódicos del mundo irracional

Cover of Cabada, Juan de la., and Leopoldo Méndez, Incidentes melódicos del mundo irracional. México: La Estampa mexicana, 1944.

The illustrated text Incidentes Melódicos del Mundo Irracional (“Melodic incidents of an irrational world”) contains 40 original engravings by Leopoldo Mendez. Published by La Estampa Mexicana in 1944, the book contains stories based on many Yucatec Maya folktales and traditions, presenting them in a visual and artistic way through animal characters and musical notations. Juan de la Cabada is one of the pioneers of the study of indigenous Mayan music. Incidentes Melódicos can be found in the Guggenheim Library (call number PQ7279.C2 I5 1944).