Unidentified Animal Drawings

Unidentified Drawings, undated

Unidentified Drawings, undated. Correspondence: R General. James Johnson Sweeney records. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Archives, New York

Sometimes items in the archives have little or no identifying information. Found by former project staff in the James Johnson Sweeney general correspondence, these drawings have been tagged as “adorable.” If you have any information on the artist, email

Update, March 13, 2013: Excellent leads were discovered in Facebook comments on the image—particularly the identification that the drawings were on Acme-punched animation paper. James Johnson Sweeney was instrumental in the creation of the animated film “The Adventures of *.”  These animals are not characters in film, however they could be preliminary sketches. The film credits “Animation by Emery Hawkins”—both he and Bobe Cannon, who worked on the film, were suggested as possible creators of these drawings.