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BMW Guggenheim Lab, World Premiere New York City, August 2 2011

BMW Guggenheim Lab, World Premiere New York City, August 2 2011

After a jam-packed press preview yesterday with media both local and international, news of the BMW Guggenheim Lab’s opening today has already begun to make the rounds in the online world.

Scanning the net, it seems the media has so far been tentative to offer opinion or analysis of the project before it really kicks off, but there is excitement and anticipation for what is to come.

Tamara Warren from Forbes magazine’s Street Savvy business blog called the Lab “an intellectual, campy and ethereal vision,” telling readers to expect big audiences to “behold this plethora of public art stimulation.” (As she pointed out, “Free is a magic word in Manhattan.”)

The niche geeks are excited about the Lab’s amazing interactive logo and partnership with Bushwick-based restaurant Roberta’s.

The city blog Gothamist featured the Lab as one of its top picks for this week’s entertainment, and ran an article with thoughtful input from the neighborhood’s residents—the first I’ve seen in the press so far.  The Lab also made “Critics’ Pick” in New York magazine and “This Week in New York” in Time Out New York.

Articles in the New York Times, Smart Planet, and Dexigner feature some wonderful comments by our curators and architects as well as New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who calls the project “an important opportunity for New Yorkers to connect and share ideas,” and adds, “we look forward to the conversations that will take place when the Lab travels around the world.”

As for opinions? Well, if there’s one thing you can always entrust to the realm of social media, it’s honesty. To find out what people are saying about the Lab so far, check out our hashtag on Twitter at #BGLab.

As the Lab officially opens today and continues its run over the next few months, we’re sure to see more coverage and thought-provoking analysis in the media. So if you see something, say something. Please send us links in the comment thread below and tell us what you’ve been reading about the Lab. What are your first impressions?

  • Austin Scott Brooks

    I just visited the  BMW Guggenheim Lab and absolutely loved it. This project was a very well thought out concept and it shows.