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Favorite Moments from Berlin: Arne Schönewald, “Weekend Warrior”

Arne Schönewald, "Weekend Warrior"

Arne Schönewald, “Weekend Warrior” fitness program leader

Last fall, in the wake of the Lab’s time in New York, I collected and shared one favorite memory from several people who had worked at the Lab. The resulting post, “As We Move Forward, a Nostalgic Look Back,” turned out to be among my favorite ones from the New York Lab. The reason? It encapsulated a truth about the Lab itself: just like a city, the Lab is defined by an indefinite mass of individual experience.

With this in mind, I decided once again to talk to some of those who made the Lab possible, and ask them to share the moments that will remain with them long after the Lab has departed for Mumbai. We’ll feature memories from one or two people every day this week, so come back tomorrow for more reflections on Berlin.

Today, thoughts on the Berlin Lab come from Arne Schönewald, “Weekend Warrior” fitness program leader:

“The best moment for me during the weekend training sessions was how I gathered a crowd that was not from any specific age group, but really from kids to adults, all the way up. I think I had people from five years old to over sixty [participating], and sometimes [those older participants were] the parents of the others who came. I found it great that it was so open that the parents could do something that the kids were also a part of—and it was personally a lot of fun for me.

“And then also, because the training was offered for free here, we had a huge variety of people who came and took part, many with no athletic background who simply used it to get back into doing sports. It was fascinating to see how much fun they had doing it and trying completely new things—not just the classical gym stuff, but also floor exercises and different movements and jumping. You could tell they really enjoyed it, and that allowed me to have a lot of fun with it too.”

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Photo: by Christine McLaren