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Hey, What’s That You’re Reading?

We’re counting the days till the Lab opens again in Berlin with a whole new Lab Team and a whole new set of discussions. But in the meantime we’re going to be on the prowl for our daily hits of urban excitement, and we imagine you are too.

So we want to work together on this. We tell you what we’re watching, and you tell us what you’re watching. We start a blogroll that all can see, we all learn from each other. Fun, right?

My list starts with GOOD Cities, Grist Cities, and my newest obsession, the brilliant offshoot of the Atlantic that was just launched this fall, Atlantic Cities, which all sit at the top of my personal list for their uniquely in-depth reporting.

GOOD Cities

Other favorites include great publications and blogs looking generally at city issues, like the City Fix, the Infrastructurist, This Big City, the Next American City, and Planetizen.

This Big City

Spacing Magazine and Streetsblog tackle transportation, public space, and livable cities from the north and south sides of the 49th parallel, respectively. And if you want to flex your mind a little, Geoff Manaugh’s architecture blog BLDGBLOG is sometimes dense but always brilliant and fascinating.

My geekiest indulgence probably lies in the beautifully packaged real-estate development reporting on the Urban Land Institute’s recently renovated blog, Urban Land, or the population-density blog (yep, you read that right), Per Square Mile.

Though the funnest, by far, has to be the blog dedicated to extracting more fun from public space, Urban Funscape.

Urban Funscape

(Side note, and HINT: I have a secret dream that Atlantic Cities’ #CityReads will take off sufficiently that I won’t have to visit each of these places, but that the Twittersphere will filter out the best of the best for me!)

It’s not necessarily just publications either. I’m personally excited to follow GOOD Design for Cities, for example, a new partnership between GOOD Magazine and CEOs for Cities that will pair designers with real-life urban problems and challenge them to design solutions that can be shared with other cities. And I have a feeling I’m not the only one anxiously awaiting the premier of Oliver Stone’s upcoming HBO movie adaptation of The Power Broker, Robert Caro’s nonfiction book on the life and influence of one of America’s most controversial urban-planning figures, Robert Moses. No? Okay, I might be the only one. But I doubt it.

But enough about me. I want to hear from you. What is exciting you the most in urbanism today? Tell me your favorite blogs, twitter feeds, or hashtags, or upcoming events, conferences, partnerships, announcements that you’re following.

What do you think we should be paying attention to?