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Last Week at the Lab

giant board

The past seven days at the Lab were moving, in every sense of the word. Transportation guru Rachel Smith took over programming, and her take on things comes across in one of her passionate tweets, from July 1. “We can’t solve the world but we can all make a difference. Don’t take no for an answer.”

On June 30, Jose Gomez-Marquez tweeted: “@CyclingRSmith brought designer award winning designer Amy Saunders to #BGLab to make these huge board games!”

Intrigued? Here’s Saunders explaining what she means by “huge board games” at TEDxYouth@Brisbane.

Amy Saunders herself tweeted the following in response to another compelling Lab program: “Upstall Kreuzberg have 3 guiding ideas: Mixed cities, Maintaining/condensing/supplementing and the 2000 watt society.”

While things were busy on the ground in Berlin, our blogger, Christine McLaren, brought the Lab online. McLaren took over the @BMWGuggLab handle to act as a guest “speaker” in a  #citytalk tweetchat with This Big City on July 28. The discussion, which centered around the effect of digital platforms on urban life, raised some fascinating questions, and elicited many thoughtful statements from participants. @JessicaScherlag opined, “Using data has made people informed. And it has gotten people talking and sharing knowledge which increases social capital.” And ‏@WalkableDFW had this to say: “Cities will be ‘smartest’ when users/citizenry are empowered w/ maximum choice of mobility (mode/route/speed). Low-tech 1st.”

Christine asked, “Is the smartphone the right tool for an immersive urban/digital experience? If not, what?” One of the interesting responses to her question came from ‏@JaceDeloney: “Smartphones are one of many tools to maximize digital/physical experience. The best tool humans possess are our own two feet.”

Well put, Jace. We hope visitors will use those essential human tools to visit the Lab in Berlin this weekend and find out what Lab Team member Corinne Rose has in store.

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Photo: courtesy of Kai Hendry, used by permission under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.