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Personal/Public: Edible Geography

The Mumbai Lab, which recently ended its six-week run, explored the relationship between public and private space in cities. Through its programs and projects, the Lab asked vital questions about this theme: What is public space? What is private space? And how do city dwellers—and Mumbaikars, in particular—navigate between them?

We asked a few contributors with an interest and involvement in these issues to share ideas and projects relevant to them. In this video, Nicola Twilley of the blog Edible Geography discusses the relationship between Mumbai’s food systems and the “blurring” of public and private space in the city.

About Nicola Twilley:

Nicola Twilley is author of the blog Edible Geography, cofounder of the Foodprint Project, and co-director of Studio-X NYC, part of the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation’s global network of advanced research laboratories for exploring the future of cities. She is curator of a forthcoming exhibition at the Center for Land Use Interpretation exploring North America’s spaces of artificial refrigeration, and is currently writing a book on the same topic. In June 2012, Future Plural, the curatorial and publishing initiative that she co-directs, launched Venue, a pop-up interview studio and mobile media rig traveling around North America through September 30, 2013.