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Personal/Public: The Power of Seeing

The Mumbai Lab, which recently ended its six-week run, explored the relationship between public and private space in cities. Through its programs and projects, the Lab asked vital questions about this theme: What is public space? What is private space? And how do city dwellers—and Mumbaikars, in particular—navigate between them?

We asked a few contributors with an interest and involvement in these issues to share ideas and projects relevant to them. In this video, Namrata Rana, a director at Delhi-based company Futurescape, presents a project that deals directly with the use and understanding of city space. “The Power of Seeing” project, initiated by Navtej Johar of the Abhyas Trust in New Delhi, helps school children “adopt” and document one small part of a street near them and share their findings with fellow students and authorities. In this way, Johar hopes to increase awareness of shared space, and generate a sense of ownership that could counteract neglect of public space in New Delhi.

About Namrata Rana:

Namrata Rana explores the emerging possibilities of a rapidly changing world. Her primary focus is healthcare, sustainable new business models, and customer experience frameworks. She is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and a director at Futurescape.