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Pin Your City!

Does your city have a vibrant street art scene or an abundance of locally owned cafes? How about a park that brings your neighborhood together?

At the Blogging the City conference in Amsterdam last month, Philips Livable Cities unveiled its #pinyourcity contest on Pinterest. The contest encourages city dwellers to share what makes their city “livable and lovable.” Participants will illustrate what they love about their cities through a series of images on a pin board, and a panel of urban experts—including the BMW Guggenheim Lab’s Alisha Levin—will select winners based on imagination, originality, and ability to inspire.

To enter, create a Pinterest board with two to four images and include the #pinyourcity logo from the Philips Livable Cities #pinyourcity Contest board. Be sure to use the hashtag #pinyourcity in the name of the board and in all image descriptions. Then, fill out this entry form with your name, email address, and the hyperlink of your board.

Entries will be accepted until November 16, and a shortlist will be announced on November 23. The final winners will be announced on December 7.

Happy pinning, city dwellers!