Berlin Lab

“Talking about Cities”: Observations from Lab Curator Maria Nicanor

As the Lab makes its departure from Berlin and prepares to begin the journey to Mumbai, we’re taking some time to reflect on what the Lab is, what it can be, and how it might function in the context of its next host city. In this video, Maria Nicanor, Curator, shares insights about the Lab and outlines its potential as a source of practicable ideas and a starting point for dialogue. “If we can achieve meaningful conversations, if people can come, learn something new, take an idea out of it and later apply it to anything in their lives, that, for me, would be success,” she says. “In the end it’s about starting a conversation and talking about cities.”

We will be continuing that vital conversation here on the Lab | Log, and on Facebook and Twitter. Visit us here over the coming months and add your own thoughts to our exchange of ideas.