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Notes from a Neighborhood Called Cuba

Notas desde un barrio llamado Cuba

Video still: Notas desde un barrio llamado Cuba
Video still: Ericka Olivares, Notas desde un barrio llamado Cuba, 2014

In a video inspired by Argentine art critic Marta Traba and shot in Guayaquil, Lupe Alvarez and Eliana Hidalgo explore Ecuadorian art, discussing among other things the contribution of Eduardo Kingman and the roles of caricature and photography. More

Berlin Lab

Making the City: A Look Back at the Berlin Lab

Working together at the Marathon of Making
Photo from the Marathon of Making by Luke Abiol, © 2012 Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

Throughout the Lab’s six-week run, the process of using one’s hands and “making” became a means of empowering the Lab’s visitors—more than 27,000 of them—to create change and shape their own urban environment. More